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Vintage Collage Creator vol.1

Vintage Collage Creator vol.1

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Vintage Retro Digital Collage Creator

Awesome collection of 710+ carefully selected vintage PNG elements. This is going to save you tons of time making your own collages. Less time for the monotonous, tedious job, more time for creativity! Simply drag and drop the objects you want and create countless combinations with them. Suitable for many different collage styles: from mimicking analog collages to surreal, cosmic, or retrofuturistic styles. Perfect for poster art or any branding elements! Most of the images have 300 dpi resolution.

The pack is about 5.5 GB and too big for uploading on Creative Market, that is why after purchasing you will get a PDF file with the Dropbox link where you can download it.

What's included:

  • 120 people cut-outs (PNG)
  • 50 buildings cut-outs (PNG)
  • 40 food cut-outs (PNG)
  • 40 technology cut-outs (PNG)
  • 50 random cut-outs (PNG)
  • 35 plants cut-outs (PNG)
  • 25 pressed plants cut-outs (PNG)
  • 35 landscapes cut-outs (PNG)
  • 25 paper cut-outs (PNG)
  • 25 scribbles cut-outs (PNG)
  • 30 newspapers cut-outs (PNG)
  • 40 transport cut-outs (PNG)
  • 20 animals cut-outs (PNG)
  • 20 furniture cut-outs (PNG)
  • 30 flowers cut-outs (PNG)
  • 40 postcards & texts cut-outs (PNG)
  • 20 money cut-outs (PNG)
  • 20 advertisements cut-outs (PNG)
  • 20 street signs cut-outs (PNG)
  • 10 statues cut-outs (PNG)
  • 20 clouds cut-outs (PNG)
  • 10 night sky backgrounds (JPG)


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